About the Artist


Portia Bell


The beauty of nature, the exciting abstract shapes, colors and patterns are my source of inspiration for my paintings. Watercolor, gouache and inks form the basis for my work. An initial wash of intense color provides the fundamental core of the painting. I work spontaneously and let the paint do its thing. The resulting color, configurations, etc. activate my imagination and suggest a subject.

In a departure from the traditional surface of paper, I prefer to paint on a sheet of plastic called Yupo (pron. you-poh). Using fragments of pre-formed images, texture is added with found objects. The shapes are reconfigured into seemingly random patterns. I can build layers of color, texture and patterns, and yet the transparency remains. I love the freedom of this method and the excitement of the response to what is happening.

My goal is to catch the viewer’s attention from a distance, entice them to come closer for a better look and then capture their interest as they explore the intense detail and rich tapestry of color and texture.