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Yupo Art Gallery

You May Be Asking.....What is Yupo?

(pron. you-poh)

Yupo is a synthetic paper developed in Japan for commercial printing. The paper is made of polypropylene, and is coated with calcium carbonate (chalk) along with other materials that made it acceptable for printing ink. It’s waterproof, stain-resistant and incredibly strong. Yupo’s ultra white color and super smooth finish makes all the colors of the rainbow sing when applied to its surface. Colors are brilliant and lift off Yupo's surface completely. Ideal for offset printing, silkscreen and embossing, it’s also good for oils, acrylics, drawings, etchings and monotypes. No dampening or soaking is necessary before printing or painting. Watercolors run on the smooth, matte-finish surface, giving a unique fluid appearance, and mistakes can be sponged away. Yupo is a unique alternative to traditional watercolor papers.